Rick Hardin

Rick Hardin

Member 1988-2018
KFPD Chief 2010-2018

Chief Hardin, contiued the standardized training policies and was instrumental in upgrading firefighter personal protective gear, firefighting equipment and newer engines. Temporary metal buildings were constructed to house engines. Rick encouraged department professionalism and KFPD became a uniformed department.


Jim Andresen

Member 1999-2010
KFPD Chief 2006-2010

Chief Andresen, also a career firefighter established a "Standardized Training" and a higher level of operational ethics, focusing on safety, and incident management. Jim was successful in procuring a FEMA grant providing first NEW personal protective gear (PPE) including Structure Turnouts, and SCBA’s.


Jerry West

Member 1990-2006
KFPD Chief 2004-2006

Chief West continued the focus on the firehouse project and continued the challenges of training standards.


Greg Fitch

Member 1982-2004
KFPD Chief 1994-2004

Chief Fitch began the vision of a firehouse, first acquiring the original property lease, architectural design and the completion of the building foundation with community donations. Greg acquired KFPD first structure Fire Engine 8911 and water tender 8962. Both are still in service in 2018


Eric Lilleland

Member 1982-1994
KVFD Chief 1987-1994

Chief Lileland,one of the originals of Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department prior to being a "district" was preceded by Chief Kenny Rickie and Chief Gal Mason of Kneeland respectively who led the first KVFD 1982-1987. Eric was instrumental in establishing department organization and support from neighboring departments in the way of hand-me down firefighter protective gear and equipment.


Chief Kenny Ricki
Chief Gayle Mason

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Kneeland residents Kenny Ricki, followed by Gale Mason served as KVFD Chief during the first couple years of the formation of the Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department. They began the long and challenging task of getting volunteers and support from neighboring departments. Cal-Fire, CDF as it was known then was one of the original supporting carreer agencies.