Kneeland Fire Provides Special Programs, Education and Resources for our District.
Fire Prevention – CPR - First Aid – Firewise - Home Safety - Inspections


KFPD is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of Kneeland residents.

Besides putting out fires and responding to medical calls, the department provides community education and special programs for all residents.

  • Upon request Fire Safety Education for schools, seniors upon request
  • Special event Fire Engine show and tell programs.
  • Basic First -Aid training and CPR training is available for small groups.
  • Home fire safety inspections available by request.
  • Firewise 100’ perimeter fire prevention reviews
  • Residential Fire Insurance inspections that are requested by insurance companies.
  • Fire extinguisher training for groups.

Additional Programs we offer focus on our communities most vulnerable, including the handicap and senior citizens.

  • Senior citizens and low-income safety program provides FREE Smoke alarms including installation for Kneeland District citizens if needed.
  • FREE home fire safety inspections upon request

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