Kneeland Fire Protection District 2024-2030 Strategic Plan

The KFPD strategic plan is intended to support the ongoing operations of Kneeland Fire, and the goals and aspirations set forth in the document. The Kneeland Fire strategic plan is organized into different Areas of Focus of importance to the District. For each Area of Focus we have identified goals that we hope to achieve and actions through which we plan to achieve our goals. Our primary Areas of Focus and associated underlying Goals are:&lt

Area of Focus: Readiness for Emergency Response
Goal: Expand Facilities and Capacity of the Kneeland Firehouse to Meet Current and Future Needs of the Community

Goal: Secure and Maintain High Quality Equipment, Gear and Tools for Emergency Response

Goal: Maintain and Support An Adequate Roster of Well-Trained Volunteers

Goal: Annex the Kneeland Goodwill Response Area

Area of Focus: Fire Prevention

Goal: Reduce the Number of Annual Ignitions

Goal: Reduce Fuels and Support Community Fuels Reduction Efforts

Goal: Maintain Adequate Water Resources in the District

Goal: Collaborate and Provide Information That Supports Restoring a Regime of Prescribed Fire
Area of Focus: Disaster and Emergency Response Preparedness

Goal: Be Prepared and Help Residents Be Prepared to Respond to a Disaster
Area of Focus: Community Engagement
Goal: Residents Have Access to Education Regarding Fire Safety and Emergency Response

Goal: Maintain A Robust Network of Supporters And the Leadership Necessary for the KFPD to Thrive

You can download our Strategic Plan Here:
Kneeland Fire Protection District 2024-2030 Strategic Plan