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Recent Calls And Jaws
Extrication Training..
Engine  8911 Pumper-800 gal. water.
Structure and  Wildland Fires
4X4 MINI-Pumper  Attack 8946
300 Gal. Water / Foam - Wildland fires,
Medical -Aid, Vehicle accidents
Water Tender 8962- 2200 Gal. Water
Has 2000 gal. Portable drop tank..
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Kneeland Fire Emergency calls for 2015!

Kneeland Fire Emergency calls for 2015---01/05/2015 Medical Aid, difficulty breathing 4000 block Kneeland Rd. 01/07/2015 Medical Aid, possible Stroke 4000 block Kneeland Rd. - 01/15/2015 Hazardous conditions, power pole transformer fire 7000 block of Fickle Hill Rd. 01/24/2015 Smoke in resident possible chimney fire 6900 block Kneeland Rd. - 02//05/2015 Medical Aid, heart attack CPR in progress 1300 block Tim Mullen Rd. - 02/05/2015 Hazardous conditions, power lines down result of wind storm 3700 block Greenwood Hgts. Dr. 02/06/2015 Vehicle Fire Burke Ln. 02/10/2015 Hazardous Conditions, power lines down 5500 block Greenwood Hgts. Dr. 02/16/2015 Medical Aid, weak disoriented patient 5000 block Kneeland Rd. 05/02/2015 Vehicle Accident, pickup over embankment 3600 block Greenwood Hgts. Dr. 06/02/2015 Medical Aid, elderly male pt. unresponsive alongside road 12000 block Kneeland Rd. 07/02/2015 Medical Aid, 70 yr.old male CPR in progress - ......
    A message from the KFPD Chief.
    On behalf of the Kneeland Volunteer Firefighters and  Board of
    Directors.. “Thank you”  voters and property owners,  for  your
    overwhelming  support  by voting to approve Measure “L” on June
    3rd 2014.  
                   The supplemental property tax, Measure “L”  was  approved by voters with
    over 82% of the votes. Although Measure “L” will impose only an additional annual
    tax of $80. for each improved parcels and $60. for  unimproved.  The big picture
    overall, the additional tax will raise about $30,000 a year and is only for the
    Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department.
             The measure faced little opposition when introduced at public meetings.
    Many people mistakenly thought the recent Cal-Fire fee benefitted the Kneeland
    Fire department.  Residents were very surprised to learn Kneeland Volunteer Fire
    department receives NO funding from the Cal-Fire SRA Tax.  
             The money will allow Kneeland to increase training; purchase needed or out
    dated personal protective equipment for the firefighters and begin to develop a
    cushion to replace some of our 30 year old engines.  Kneeland Fire has  11
    volunteer  men and women who are responsible for responding to structure fires,
    medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, and wild land fires in a 40-square-mile
    area with a response area nearly 100 sq. miles.  
             Kneeland Fire has been squeaking by on a $20,000 annual budget funded
    by a 20 year old modest property tax, barbecues and music festivals. Soaring costs
    for  insurance, radio communications, quadrupled fuel costs, outfitting firefighters
    and increased maintenance cost on very tired equipment led to the need  to ask
    the community for help.
             Had the tax not been approved, I am convinced the department would not
    have been able to continue its services to the Kneeland community as it has for the
    past 30 years.  Some services would have been cut.
             This infusion of funds will provide the financial stability to Kneeeland Fire for
    many years. Looking back…. I guess we just had to prove ourselves and our worth
    to the community.
              Kneeland Volunteer Fire Department today is a well-trained and organized
    department with a very strong vision for the future.  We are able to provide early
    emergency cardiac defibrillation in the event of cardiac arrest, BLS emergency
    oxygen therapy,  Jaws of life vehicle extrication and patient stabilization, EMT
    standards of emergency medical care,  low angle rope rescue, basic wild land fire
    response and structure fire response. This is what your volunteers   provide for our
    community today,  just imagine what we will be able to provide tomorrow.
              Thank you friends and neighbors for believing in us we do this for you,  in
    hopes to make a positive difference within our community in which we live and

    Kneeland Fire Protection District
    Fire Chief - Rick Hardin  
Engine 8912 Pumper- 500 Gal. Water
Structure and Wildland fires
NOTICE: Kneeland Fire Protection Board of Directors MEETING

The Kneeland Fire Protection Districts next regular board meeting is scheduled for
November 21st to be held at the Kneeland School at 6PM. All are welcome to attend.
To view this meetings agenda click the link below.

            2015 - Burn Permit Information:     CAL-FIRE has lifted some burning restrictions

                Before burning be sure to find out if it is a permissive burn day and if any other permits are required.  
    While burning outdoors may be the most convenient way to get rid of landscape debris, extra caution is required
  •     to ensure a wildfire is not sparked. Follow these tips:

  • Only dry, natural, vegetative material such as leaves, pine needles and tree trimmings that originated on the
       property may be burned.
  • Burning household garbage is NOT allowed.
  • Piles will be no larger than four (4) feet in diameter.
  • Provide clearance around the pile that is ten (10) feet in diameter by removing all material that will burn, down to
    bare mineral soil.
  • Have a water source on hand such as a charged garden hose or a minimum of a five (5) gallon backpack, pump
    type water extinguisher.
  • Responsible adult needs to be in attendance at all times.
  • NEVER burn on windy days.