mike davis
Mike Davis, KFPD Board Member:

I am a resident of Kneeland since 2007 and a retired United Methodist Clergyman from Maine. I was educated at Boston University as a hospital chaplain and pastoral counselor. I am proud to have served as a full time and volunteer firefighter in Portland and South Portland, Maine, as well as a chaplain for the Eastham, Massachusetts Fire Department. I hold a U.S. Coast Guard 100 ton Captain and 200 ton offshore Mate’s license with auxiliary sail endorsement. I also was a former dock-master for the Hinckley Yacht company in Southwest Harbor Maine. As a parish minister I served on and led numerous public service/non-profit boards in New England. As part of my ministry I led teams building fish ponds in Haiti and working for Habitat for Humanity in Maine, Massachusetts, and Bell Horizonte, Brazil. My wife Sonja Boynton, is a clinical herbalist and owner of Bluebird Herbals. I joined the KFPD board in 2011 with a specific goal of completing the construction of a Fire station at 6201 Greenwood Heights Drive.”

lindsay green
Lindsay Green, KFPD Board Member:

I am a fourth generation Humboldt County native. Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Natural Resources from Humboldt State University in 2002. I have a diverse background which includes primate research in Ghana, West Africa, teaching at College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University, and acting as Executive Director for the Northcoast Regional Land Trust. Currently I am a project manager for Daemeter which focuses on sustainable development, particularly in Asia. I moved to Kneeland in 2013 and happy to bring my natural resources experience to the Kneeland Fire Protection District Board.

bob phipps
Bob Phipps, KFPD Board Member:

I have been a Kneeland resident for over 30 years (upper Greenwood Heights), a KFPD Board member since 2014. I am employed as Maintenance Director of a regional trucking company “ I see Kneeland as a caring, supportive, and independent community that takes care of our own needs.“ The Kneeland Fire Protection District is an example of this spirit with our dedicated volunteer firefighters trained in structure, wildland fire suppression, emergency medical, rescue response, as well as community civil defense in case of natural disasters.  KFPD Board members recognize our community’s support for our volunteers and we strive to use your resources as effectively as possible with an emphasis on volunteer recruitment, professional training, properly equipped dependable equipment, and personal safety protection for those who answer the call



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Betsy Watson, KFPD Board Member:

I am a residence of Kneeland for 29 years. I was on the faculty of HSU for 26 years, retiring to play farmer with a Jersey cow, aging horse and several poorly behaved dogs. My partner, Ann Alter is still teaching at HSU. My daughter attended Freshwater School and Eureka High, she now works internationally for Doctors Without Borders. My 13 year old son, Ari, attended Kneeland School before leaving for North Coast Prep. Kneeland is our home and we value our neighbors and community. “My goal as a KFPD board member is to always have the safest equipment for our volunteers and to get that firehouse built.”