Kneeland Fire takes giant step to building fire house:


Why does The Kneeland Fire Protection District need a firehouse?
Front Viewfirehouse front

A Safeguard for the Kneeland Community: Many of us who move to rural communities are more than aware of the challenges that rural living can present. From water supplies to septic tanks and frequent winter power outages. Although living in a rural community such as Kneeland, Ca. can have a few downsides most of us who live here prefer the rural lifestyle. But, for a moment imagine a catastrophic earthquake taking out much of the north coast infrastructure. Without operating computer systems grocery stores would only be accepting cash and empty shelves within hours, fuel stations closed, emergency responders overwhelmed, long term power outages, hospitals overwhelmed, cell towers down. Kneeland residents would quickly find ourselves on our own for several days possibly even weeks before services would be restored.

Our fire house could be designated a community disaster centre. Emergency Supplies could easily be stored and would help provide emergency food, shelter and warmth for such events. Ham and emergency radio communications could help residents contact relatives for welfare checks. We vision our new fire station as more than a fire station but a place to protect our citizens should the need arise. Our community should be prepared for such events as they are inevitable living on the north coast.

Apparatus Storage:

In order for us to provide services we need equipment! Fire engines, rescue equipment, medical equipment and support equipment. Kneeland Fire presently has three fire engines, one rescue apparatus and chiefs command. Our newest Rescue a 2005 FORD 4X4 costs $89,000. Also, during 2017 with the generosity of the Humboldt County Voters Measure “Z” project a newer 2003 structure engine ($110,000.) This does not take into account the $150,000. in equipment to outfit the trucks ready to respond. Kneeland also has acquired state of the art personal protective gear for our firefighters, new breathing apparatus (SCBA), low angle over the side rescue gear, AED heart defibrillator and firefighting equipment.

For many years our fire trucks and equipment have been stationed at volunteer’s residence subject to weather, deterioration and costly maintenance expenses. A few years ago, Eureka City Schools donated the old wood bus garage at our station site to house one of our engines. As our finances improved KFPD has added smaller garage type structures to house our other engines while planning for the new fire station. For KFPD to continue to grow and keep up with the community needs it is more important than ever we move forward with the firehouse project after all the firehouse is for our community their families and the future of the Kneeland.

Training Facility:

Kneeland Fire has come a long way since the mid 1980’s and training our volunteers is important if not the most important thing we do. Continued training insures firefighter and situation safety and a professional emergency response from our firefighters. At present our volunteers train 3-4 times per month. Kneeland School has provided us with indoor area for limited training during winter months, but the new fire house will provide us a year-round training facility.

Rear Viewfirehouse rear
Side Viewfirehouse side

As we move forward to construction:
firehouse crew

Although the foundation was poured a few years ago KFPD was prevented from the actually building the firehouse until the land acquisition was complete and signed off by the county of Humboldt. This process was finally completed at the end of 2017. KFPD board wasted no time and the architect design was completed and the project as of January of 2018 has been put out to bid. We now estimate actual construction should begin late Spring of 2018.

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